Turf Dancin (Oakland’s Finest)

This wonderful “new”(to folk outside the bay at least) dance form combines street and classical dance forms to create this amazing synergistic style called Turf Dancing. Half breakdancing and half ballet, this joint was born on the streets of Oakland. I find it soooo interesting to see a bunch of regular cats from the block breaking hard and then gracefully spinning into a pirouette, I frikkin love it!! What are your thoughts on the art form out there in the blogosphere?

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6 Responses to Turf Dancin (Oakland’s Finest)

  1. Tha Doc says:

    Really tight! Like a street ballet. I say they take it to Broadway!!!

  2. Da Element says:

    Just magnificient. When I watch this video, I am just hyponotized by the elegance and passion of their movements. It is literally watching poetry in motion…

  3. LovelySavant says:

    Yooo I remember when I first saw this, its impressive how our folks so easily synergize dance and music forms to create something new, our creativity is off the scale

  4. Supreme Soul says:

    1) Tight…reminds me of myself back in 1956 when I use get on the good foot!

    2) These homie’s is dedicated, because 1) they was definitely sliding all over in them fresh kicks, 2) they was doing this in the rain…in the rain yo! and 3) that ground look very much the opposite of clean! So dedication is what they indeed have! LOL!

  5. politicalK says:

    This was absolutely beautiful! The contrast between their “stage” and their grace makes it even more amazing. *Dusting off my dancing shoes*

  6. PoliticalK says:

    So….I had to come back and watch. I love it!

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