If I’m not trying to be the best…I might as well retire

I admire hard work and an attitude of never quitting until you achieve damn near perfection. This entire season, D. Rose has been hoopin’ like he lost his mind and it shows as he lead his team to not only +20 wins from the previous season, but the best record in the league. Now we all know that the playoffs are a different beast, but I’m excited to watch him play during the post season. Much respect to him though, especially given his humility and also his attitude of becoming the best, which brings me to my question.

What if every player in the NBA had the same attitude of trying to be the best instead of becoming complacent with having a big contract and finally “making it”?

I think that the NBA would be so much better if this were the case. Imagine a league where every single game has a game 7 of the Finals playoff intensity. Granted, I wouldn’t get any work done because I would want to watch every single game, but there would be no denying the enjoyment I would get. Even if my team lost, I wouldn’t be as upset because they played hard and left it all on the court.

What do y’all think?

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