Mary Jane…Set her free or keep her locked up?

Preface: I have never smoked, nor will I ever try. In fact, I have never even drank, nor do I have any plans to start. Just felt like I had to get that out the way before I have people criticize this post as just “a justification for another n*gga to smoke…”

I’d like to touch on a pretty hot topic right now, the legalization of marijuana. Now my stance is, given the current state in America now, I say legalize it. I know what you may be thinking, Wait…what? Tha Doc smokes? No, for those who neglected to read the preface above, I don’t smoke or drink, in fact some may even call me a Goody Two Shoes. But, if I don’t even care to put five on it in order to puff puff pass, then why do I think it should be legalized?

We all know that money runs this country and the world for that matter, so it is of no surprise that money, better yet the love of money, is the root behind weed being illegal now. The Marijuana Transfer Tax Act prohibited the production of hemp and marijuana in the US in 1937. Several have argued that the Act was enacted not because it was deemed an illegal drug, but more to destroy the hemp industry business-wise. Basically, hemp was a cheaper substitute than paper pulp used in the newspaper industry and was perceived as a threat to timber holdings and investment in the synthetic polymer, nylon. A study highlighted in an ABC news article in 2008 estimated marijuana production at a value of $35.8 billion, more than corn and wheat combined. So you’re telling me that the US government is not interested at all in tapping into that? The problem is that they can’t fully control the production of marijuana and therefore won’t be able to maximize the revenue that it’ll bring in.

Let’s take a look at cigarettes and alcohol. There is no added benefit from smoking whatsoever, and it’s health side effects are very well known. Alcohol, however, when used moderately is cardioprotective, the key is using it in moderation. But, alcohol withdrawal is one of, if not, the worst drug withdrawals, period. I have personally seen it’s effects in some of my patients and it can be very deadly. I say all this to make the point that if both of these substances are legal, why not marijuana? Yes, it does have side effects, but nowhere near as bad as the side effects from cigarette abuse and alcohol withdrawal.

That’s what I think about it, but more importantly what do you think? Please feel free to discuss.

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2 Responses to Mary Jane…Set her free or keep her locked up?

  1. Supreme Soul says:

    I personally feel that it is legalized, there may be some monetary gain in it for the government, but to what degree will it be able to be taxed. However, if it is left illegal the powers that be can and will continue to profit off ot it the way they do off most other narcotics in this country…”Under The Table”. So why would they make it legal if they will basically decrease the cut of money they’re are now getting when it is illegal. They won’t do it because it would lighten their pockets, and we all know that when you start playing with rich people money is when they get pissed!

    • Tha Doc says:

      Couldn’t agree more. The pursuit of that ‘Almighty Dollar’ makes people do very shady things. However, although they would never do it, I would respect the government more if they were…wait for it…truthful with the public (GASP!), rather than make up some BS excuse to criminalize the drug. But that is very fanciful thinking and we have a better chance of the ocean drying up than them actually telling us the truth.

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