The Intellectual Revolutionaries

Tha Doc

Wondering where this blog came from? What is it’s purpose? What in the world does intellution (hint, it’s in the title of this inaugural post) even mean? Well this is where I outline the exact purpose of this blog…which is nothing different from any other blog, considering that it is a collection of opinion pieces and commentary on any and everything in this world of ours. But first, what’s in a name?

The basic idea of the blog is to discuss any and everything while infusing our intellect and humor, similar to when we were all roommates back at the greatest HBCU to have every existed, Xavier University of Louisiana. The idea of a revolution stuck out the most to me. Not necessarily in the militant black man sense, but more so encouraging our readers to think freely, not bound by the constraints of what society tells you to think. And we will do this through any means necessary, because we didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on US! Uh…sorry, got a tad bit carried away.

Supreme Soul

The idea of the name came from talking with Supreme Soul and The Audacity of Dope! (exclamation mark is apart of the name), but it wasn’t the first name to come up. Courtesy of Dope!, here are a few of his suggestions: n*,, with the title being “Too Cool for School, but my mama made me go anyway,” and (Phat Black National Geographic). Needless to say, the good Lord blessed Soul and myself with the common sense to always question whatever Dope! has to say at any given moment. However, with their help (more so Soul’s than Dope!’s as you can see from his suggestions), was born. If it wasn’t obvious, the site’s name is an amalgam of The Intellectual Revolution.

The Audacity of Dope!

So that is a brief history of the site’s conception. We hope y’all enjoy the site and comment often! Viva La Revolucion!!!

About Tha Doc

Like the tallest Redwood, you won’t be able to grow without both the sunshine and the rain...
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3 Responses to The Intellectual Revolutionaries

  1. LovelySavant says:

    I had to comment on this
    A) XU all day everyday, those other HBCU’s gotta walk around and yell look at me, all I say to them is ask your doctor where he went to undergrad #fact
    B) Don’t deny your militancy Tha Doc, you know you are an angry black man
    C) I’m glad that someone is reigning in The Audacity of Dope! because ya’ll know he wilds out and n* is hilarious!!!!

    So happy this is up and running, its gonna be a winner!

    • Tha Doc says:

      XXXXXX-U! X-X-X-X-X-X U!!!! Represent in these streets, shawty!! Out here saving lives is a regular occurrence like seeing fish in the sea, birds in the sky, or black folk at Popeye’s (SMH, LOL).

  2. Ketut says:

    Nice try Louie, but you are very much wrong. I would cal hetalh care reform and banking reformBreaking the color barrier to get into the WH was pretty bold. You never going to get the left wing dream candidate elected in a nation that vote the middle. Be realitistci. The only ones who were fooled were those who did not listen to the intent in his speeches..

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