OMG Becky, look at her butt, it’s so big…


Hello, my name is Tha Doc and, like any self-respecting black male, I like big butts…I can’t lie. Honestly, some of you other brothers can’t deny that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face, you get sprung. Anyone who knows me knows that what first attracted me to my fiancée was the size of her ass, just keeping it real. She’s also a mentally and spiritually resplendent woman (love you babe!)…but she still got a big ol’ booty (aaallllllright!! Giggity!!). But this post is not just about praising the gluteus maximuses, booty butt cheeks, beach balls down the back of the pants, bubble butts, and donks of beautiful black women everywhere. Rather, I want to talk about what happens when women go too far.

Believe it or not, as much of an ass man I am, I do agree that there is a point where it is just ridiculous. But what’s even more ridiculous than women with naturally ginormous booties are those with artificially enhanced ginormous booties. Think about it, big butts are in style and everybody wants one. You have traditionally pancake ass females, whose backside is nothing more than upper thigh and lower back, wanting to be hip and trendy by adding a little more pop to their AWOL derrière. Then you have those women who take it a step further by getting booty injections. As seen in exhibit A above.

I honestly believe that this is not at all that much different from women with eating disorders. These women feel as though they’re not beautiful if they don’t have the biggest ass, and that they must do anything that they can so that all eyes are on them. The sad thing is that they don’t realize how ridiculous they look. You see, for those who don’t understand, the key to having a big butt is not just the size of the ass (although, that is a MAJOR contributor), but it’s all about the proportions. A woman needs to have hips to match and support all that meat or she’ll blow her knees out and/or will perpetually be leaning forward to counteract the weight of her ass pulling her back (yes, I know that may not be entirely true, but you get what I’m saying). In fact, there are women risking their health in the name of having a big butt. I say be happy with what you got, if you got a nice size butt…great! If you have a big ol’ booty (that is in proportion to your body size and also genetically yours)…even better! If you have a pancake ass…well…uh, um…bless your heart.

What are your thoughts?

Inside the thoughts of a man when he sees a woman with a big butt

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7 Responses to OMG Becky, look at her butt, it’s so big…

  1. -g. says:

    First off let me say that I am very much a breast man but there aint nothing wrong with appreciating a donk lol. Unfortunately with the recent rise in a certain female rapper this trend will most likely continue on the rise. As a young doctor I can’t help but think what’s going to happen to these ladies once they age. Back pain, infection, deformities causing additional procedures? Long term consequences, like karma can be a b…

    • Tha Doc says:

      Go head and say this certain female rapper’s name! We ain’t gonna be mad, well maybe Dope! since she’s absolutely gorgeous in his eyes. But yes, infection is a serious complication, because alot of these women are getting bootleg injections by some random dude in a hotel room. It was actually on the news a couple years back.

  2. Supreme Soul says:

    I agree with -G. So with that being said…ladies….LET’S PLAY ATTIC! Anyone?!?!?! LOL!

  3. AScotty says:

    First off…thanks for the shout-out babe!

    Second, great post… All I gotta say is to all the dads out there (current and future), please tell your daughters how beautiful they are (inside and out) everyday they are living under your roof…prob a couple more years into college too lol. There’s nothing like the love and appreciation between a father and daughter…esp when it comes to looking for affection from a male figure. Cuz if she dont get it from you, she’ll get it from someone else…then turn up looking like Exhibit A (smh).

    • Tha Doc says:

      Preach! Chuuch!!

    • Jazzy A says:

      I completely agree… And being a woman who has been told I have a lot going on back there, I really don’t understand why anyone would want to carry that much behind them!
      That’s just ridiculous… Love is certainly not found through the needle of a booty injection. So sad…

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