Anomaly Detected

An original Tha Doc production.

About Tha Doc

Like the tallest Redwood, you won’t be able to grow without both the sunshine and the rain...
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9 Responses to Anomaly Detected

  1. cthebizzybee says:

    interesting content? did that really happen to you? nevertheless…that was pretty cool. I want to do one of my own! LOL!

  2. Supreme Soul says:

    You ain’t too much of an anomaly! You still eat the swine don’t you! And I know you tears it up when you do! LOL!

    • Tha Doc says:

      Lol damn skippy sir! The pig is not unclean in my eyes, all you gotta do is make sure it’s cooked thoroughly and you’ll have no problems! Lol

      • LovelySavant says:

        I believe the sign of true intelligence in when black folks eat the swine, why because it is the other white meat and because dammit it tastes good. You ever run into those black folks that won’t eat pork and have no good reason or better yet won’t eat pork but will tear down some catfish. SKETCHY!!!

        Either way the vid is funny and sadly accurate. It always blows my mind that folks cant imagine a black male taking care of themselves and coming from a two parent home. In fact I had an argument with a colleague about being overly privileged from having a two parent home that was financially stable. Well damn, can I live? Must I be to blamed for my parents busting their ass, they are no better than your parents they just had different opportunities, am I to feel bad, HELL NAH!

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