The Hangover (Personal Edition)

In honor of what I hope to be one of the funniest movies (see above) I’ve seen a while I decided to make this post about something most people (except The Doc and Dope!) have experience with….drinking!

Upon having a conversation with a classmate of mine, the topic shifted to stories of friends and relatives having very “interesting” drunken nights. One story ended with “draws” on a ceiling fan (and I’m not going to say who they were for or how they got there)…but this got me thinking….what are some “interesting things” that have happened to you or your friends/family when it comes to the “devil’s nectar”? This includes anything dealing with arrests, sexual encounters, random urination, vomiting, and/or crying, waking up and not knowing where you (or they) are or how you got there, new tattoos/piercings….I think you get the point!

Oh and please don’t act like you don’t have a few of these stories deep in that closet of yours or say to yourself “I don’t know what to say or if I should tell that story”….of course you should! We don’t judge here at TIR!

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9 Responses to The Hangover (Personal Edition)

  1. Tha Doc says:

    1. Freakin LOVED the first movie! Seriously can’t wait for the second!

    2. No stories of my own, but for some odd reason I tend to be apart of them. One that stands out is this random girl, who carried around an excess avoirdupois, to be polite, grabbed my ass and attempted to tongue me down on first meeting me. Thankfully, she was so drunk that she missed, but that still didn’t stop me from throwing up a little…and I cried in the shower, I’m not ashamed to admit. Everyone else found that amusing, I however, still shudder at the thought. Eghck!! LOL!

  2. cthebizzybee says:

    Wellllll… this one comes to mind because I was talking to someone about it earlier.

    When: Freshman year, second semester (Spring 2006)
    Where: LoyNO
    Who: Couple of male compadres and my roomies

    So what had happened was…it was a friend’s birthday so we all decided to go see a movie and eat afterwards. Wasn’t until we got into the car that we realized this was going to be a drunken event. We went to see V for Vendetta (worse movie ever to watch drunk), a couple of my amigos switched movies (illegally of course) and we ended up at a Chinese Buffet eating snow crab legs until we got kicked out of the restaurant.

    This might not be so much of a problem except to this day I still don’t remember where we watched said movie or ate at said restaurant. If someone offered me a million bucks to retrace my steps that night…I’d be as broke as I was freshman year (minus my FEMA money, of course).

  3. Jazzy A says:

    Soo, you all know that I am not a heavy drinker (probably because I’m always a designated driver and I get too hyper, then sleepy when I do!), but I have been witness to many drunken nights.

    One night was especially memorable, but to protect those I love, I must be very vague about it. I will say, 10 women, celebrating at a nightclub in VIP, ended up with throw up on the floor of the club, on a dress, in a rental car, and sometime during the night, when things had calmed down and I thought the night was over, I got pee’d on! Sooo, not funny at the time, but now I can at least speak about it! LOL

  4. LovelySavant says:

    Well I for one have four stories but I will keep it to one because they are usually so traumatic that I go for months without drinking again.

    My 25th birthday was probably the most epic. So I hadn’t eaten at all because I was throwing a party at my apt before going to the club. My friends buy me a cake but forgot candles so instead they decided why not give me 5 shots. Problem was they didn’t used shot glasses, they used shooters which essentially is 2 shots. Additionally, they decided she has 5 different liquors here lets give her all 5. Basically I have horrible friends and need to re-evaluate my life. I take the first 3 and was like guys I cant do this, my other friend was like I’ll take it for her and they basically peer pressured me (yes I still succumb to this at times) to man up and take the last two.

    I was perfectly fine for a hour, made it to the club, went to the bathroom and felt very hot. Asked to go outside and lasted five minutes before everything in my stomach and intestines came up. I don’t remember much but according to the stories, Dope! and another friend were carrying me to a cab, I threw up again when I got out of the cab, I had a strapless top on that kept falling off and I was flashing the world, and I was crying “This can’t be life, I’m so soooooorrrrryyyyy!!!” The only other thing I remember was sleeping on my floor next to my bed, somehow I was in pajamas and my friend looking over me like why she looks so beautiful down there.

    Sigh, what I can I say, it was a memorable night , for everyone else because I dont remember!

  5. politicalK says:

    I’m definitely not a drinker, but I have seen my fair share of drinking disasters….

    One night a friend called stating she had a friend in town who wanted to ‘experience’ New Orleans. (This friend, mind you, was 5’5″ and 105 lbs soaking wet and swore up and down she could handle her alcohol). So, I decided to oblige and we headed to Bourbon Street for the night. We started at Pat O’s because the girl wanted to try a hurricane. After sitting there for a while drinking, a group of white guys came to join us and offered to buy another round of drinks. The other two girls decided to split another hurricane as I babysat my diet coke. After a few more minutes of sitting around drinking, it was decided the next stop would be Tropical Isle for a hand grenade. On the way there, the girl stopped to take a shot at a random daiquiri shop. *Smh* (Her drink count at this point: 1.5 hurricanes, 1 shot and 1 hand grenade). Next up – Razoo’s for dancing and more shots. Slowly but surely the alcohol started catching up with her and she started going down. Luckily others had joined us, including a few guys who were responsible for carrying this chick back to the car.

    After getting my car and getting her into the car (all why praying she did not puke), I dropped everyone off at the hotel. Then, I parked my car and headed back to join the chaos. When I finally got to the floor, she was in the middle of the hall and everyone was standing around looking at her. Apparently she had started oozing from a certain end. Finally, one of the brave guys picked her up and proceeded to put her in the tub. At this point, I had had my fair share of drunkenness so I headed home.

    Needless to say it was an eventful night.

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