I Make Big Money, Drive Big Cars, Everybody Knows Me…

Fake Ass Chain

Don’t know if many of you have heard of the rumor concerning Drake and Young Money. Apparently, not only does he have to pay Lil Wayne and Baby everytime he performs a song, but he also has to use their security company, travel agent, etc., which all totals up to about 80% of his paycheck. Now here’s the million dollar (more like $200,000 after taxes/fees) question, what do you think he does with the other 20%? If you guessed blows his money on expensive cars and other items that don’t appreciate in value, then DING, DING, you sir/ma’dam are the big winner for the day!! What’s sad is that whether this rumor is true or not, it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Far too many multi-millionaire black folk, in particular those in the entertainment field (sports, music, movies, etc), have the bad habit of getting rich and then stuntin’ like it’s going out of style. We see it all the time, high paid athlete gets big contract finishes his career, and several years out of the game is filing for bankruptcy. Or the up and coming 20-something rapper, who’s always had dreams of making it big, finally gets the deal of a lifetime and spends the majority of his money buying the most expensive cars, jewelry, or blowing stacks at the stripclub/tricking off some golddigger. Have you ever asked yourself why? Why is it so many of our people make piss poor financial decisions? I have a theory.

First, our society as a whole places too much of an emphasis on the show of wealth and this is what our youth sees as they grow up. Think about it, I’m a 13 year old child who lives in a single parent home in the projects. My free time consists of watching sports or listening to music and all I see are these guys with a similar story to mine, now living the life. I witness all the jewelry, fancy cars, women, power, and respect that comes with a new found wealth. I, therefore, set my goals to become a ball player, rapper, or other entertainer with dreams of making it big. Once I work hard and achieve my goals, I then do what all the other entertainers do and buy the newest cars (every year), buy the biggest house (although I’m a single 22 year old, with no children), and of course the flashiest chains. I’m just doing me and if you talk about me then you’re just a hater and you should make some money before you make a comment. During this time I’m in the limelight, all over your TV, in the magazines, messing with the finest women you’ve never even seen before, but then it happens. 10-20 years later, I’m not as popular, fast, or strong as I once was. Styles have changed, and now everybody’s doing these stupid dances and not checking out my music anymore. However, it’s cool, I still have my millions of dollars that I have made, but why is the IRS calling me, telling me that I owe them money? OK, I’ll just sell some of my stuff, surely I can get a load of cash from that, right? Wait, why is it that my iced out spinning Krispy Kreme Donut chain not worth the $500,000 I paid for it? How come all my cars, which I tricked out with lambo doors, spinners, tvs in the headrest, not worth nearly a quarter of what I paid? What about these fur coats? What about all the money I gave to my “people?” Now, I’m 40-something and more broke than I was when I was younger, because instead of just being broke, now I owe millions of dollars to the government. Or instead of me fading into obscurity, I continue to tour and perform into my 60s and 70s, not because of my passion for the art, but because I have to make payments on my home and child support on my 16, 15 children (I don’t care what KiKi says, that nappy headed child ain’t mine, she was messing with my backup dancer around the same time anyways….hoe).

Second, we get taken advantage of so easily. All anyone needs to do is flash a big contract in our faces and it’s “yes’suh, massa. How fast you want me to run, suh? Ok, suh, I’ll degrade my women, excuse me, these b*tches, for entertainment!” I actually can’t even blame my people for this, if you’re already at an educational disadvantage given the substandard school system you’re forced to attend based off of where you live, then how can you not be duped? Especially when someone offers you a way out of your current situation? The problem is that although you are making some money, someone is making way more money off of you, and once your time is up, your tossed aside for the newest sucker rapper/player.

There are more slaves today than there were when it was legal.

Finally, all of your stuntin’ draws the wrong attention. Yeah, people will admire you and your presumed wealth, but there are also people who want your wealth, by any means necessary.

So what do y’all think? Please share your thoughts.

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