Introducing KING, 3 new voices of Neo Soul

So last night, to treat myself after a long day of studying for the boards, I went to the second installment of the best Spoken Word show I have seen in the NYC called Dean’s List, put on by the Striver’s Row. The SR is a group of UBER talented well-educated (Ivy League) young African-American poets who have come together to do something really beautiful, for this the second time. Anywho, while there, I hear this song

playing that sends my heart a flutter!!! I am like, who is this!?!? So I LITERALLY run around asking folk if they knew this song, and who sung it. NO ONE KNEW!!! And I know what you’re thinking, SHAZAM it right….WRONG!! This spot just happens to be on the basement floor and don’t get me started on the lameness that is AT&Terrible’s reception at times. So, just as I was about to be moved to tears, my friend tells me that he has a signal and he can SHAZAM IT!! EUREKA!!!!…or so I thought. Turns out that SHAZAM was like, “WHAT IS THIS SH!T” and didn’t recognize it from yours truly, The BBC, doing a remake of TLC’s “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfall’s” (I am T-Boz of course, Chris is Chilli and Byron is Left Eye pre Andre Risen) I digress. Anyway, I am mad disappointed that I missed what I thought to be my last shot at EVER hearing the song, but my friend points out that the hook sounds like it would be titled “Supernatural,” and I am like that’s a long shot but I will try to YouTube it, not really thinking it would work. Scene cuts to today post boards, Glory to God for the comfort during that test by the way. I am now sitting in my room on Mahmoud The MACk (name of my computer) and of course I remember to look and I come across

And I’m like THAT’S THEM!!! I immediately follow the link to the aforementioned “Supernatural” and then to Itunes to see what I can find. Needless the say I found a 3 song EP, their website, and twitter and spent the next 6 hours listening to these same 3 songs and posting them to Facebook, Tumblr, and the penultimate THEINTELLUTION;). Please enjoy, and when these girls blow up, remember you heard it here first. If you’ll excuse me, I have more listening to do, I must know every chord and melody by morning! HAHAHAH

“They sound like what a sincere smile would sound like if it were a sound”

-Byron “Audacity of Dope” Young;)

PS The EP is called “The Story” by the way.

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2 Responses to Introducing KING, 3 new voices of Neo Soul

  1. Tha Doc says:

    Good music sir, but don’t you ever in your life compare us to a female singing group. LOL.

  2. l.maiden says:

    First, I give much thanks to the engineer(s) and pioneer(s) behind this well composed, smart and cool music blog. I enjoyed the inspirational story above of the blogger discovery of the KING’s music.
    They called themselves, KING, how befitting. These girls are swaggerly swanked. The utterness of Neo Soul. Such beautiful voices and timeless melodies. I’d definitely placed them along with Jill Scott.
    They blow me away. Amazing and inspiring music.
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

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