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Do You Really...

So as of late, big things have occurred in my neck of the woods. Perhaps the most important thing is the fact that I finally have a job! So with starting a new job comes the usually nerve-racking, seriously awkward, and horribly uncomfortable “1st day” on the job! Now I’m not going to go into too much detail about how my “1st day” went, but while I had some down time during this information overloaded day, it got me to thinking about many different “1st days” I’ve had throughout my years. Some were challenging, some were daunting, some were quick paced, some were tense, and some were better than others! But there is one thing that remained consistent on all of my “1st days” that I didn’t realize at first, but now see that it happens more than you think. So with that thought in mind I ask you this…..

Why is it on 1st days people often forget what their’s were like?”

I sat and thought about this because people who usually have been at this job or this school or this site often expect you (on your “1st day”) to know as much as they do. They want you to perform as if you have been there for weeks or months or years, when you have only been there for a few hours. But what still leaves me perplexed is the idea of them forgetting what their “1st days” there, or anywhere else, were like. I’m sure they didn’t always know where the extra packs of paper were or how to work that damn fax machine or how to properly enter the document XJ940 into the system or that you can’t park in the spaces with the blue lines…wait…..ok maybe they did know that one but it’s the “1st day” and they usually act like they knew all of this at the very beginning of their tenure.

So I guess this isn’t really a post that is asking for comments or anything like that. This is more of my appeal to those of you that are in the position to help people like me who have had or will have a “1st day” at some point. Just for a second try to think about what the new person is going through on that “1st day”…trying not to make mistakes, trying to look competent, trying to learn where everything is and where it goes when they’re done with it, trying to not make the entire system crash by going to the wrong website that they usually go to at home despite it crashing their computer 3x already….it’s a lot of pressure. And if you can think of what you were like on any or all of your “1st days”, and realize for a few seconds that we are trying our best & give us a hand or two, then you may actually help out the new guy (or girl) more than you know, and maybe even prevent us from snapping and burning this whole place down (message)!

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