?uestion – “Gr8 or 8?”

What do you think?

So to all the faithful followers of “The Intellution”, I bring to you a new segment that I will try to keep going since I have had a great many discussions with many people about this subject. And people seem to have unique perspectives regarding why they feel the way they do about each debate that has been initiated. So let’s get to it…

The name of the new segment is “Gr8 or 8?”. What I would like to see is what are people’s opinion of different musical artists on certain collaborations or head to head comparisons of other artists. So to be simple I will post songs that have 2 or more artists on it and I would like readers to listen to it and tell me simply who they think was “Gr8″ (Great) or would be”8” (Ate), with “8” meaning (as the hip-hop lingo goes) was eaten up by the other more superior artist on the same song or to which they are being compared. The concept is quite simple…if artist #1 is better on the particular song or in general they would be “Gr8”. If artist #2 was inferior then they were “8” by artist #1. An explanation of why you reel that way is requested but definitely not needed. Got it…..good!

So we will start with 3 collaborations….some simple and some a little more difficult. Here we go….

#1 Renegade by Jay-Z feat. Eminem

#2 Beautiful Bliss by Wale feat. J. Cole

#3 Turn The Lights Down Low by Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill

Use whatever means as possible you feel to justify your answer…and ack-shun!!!

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4 Responses to ?uestion – “Gr8 or 8?”

  1. cthebizzybee says:

    I happen to love Turn Your Lights Down Low so I choose that one to “judge”. I would have to say that Lauryn (because we’re on a first name basis) was Gr8 in this song. Sure, Mr. Marley (because we’re not on a first name basis) was great, but Lauryn added the sensuality, harmony and groove. It’s her part that really takes me to the place where I reminisce about past love and possessed harmonies with sensations similar to his caress. It takes me to another place…a good place.

  2. Tha Doc says:

    Eminem “8” Jay-Z on Renegade. We all know this, if not Nas made sure everyone knew it.

  3. The Audacity of Dope! says:

    HAHHAHA! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Jay Z’s lyrics were good, but Em MURKED IT!!! I would like to see people’s opinions on that song with Wayne and Em “drop the world” perhaps. I heard sooo many differing opinions on that one.

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