Look-a Here….Clothing ?uestion!

This segment will be brief and is meant to get a quick opinion/answer to the posed question.  So “Look-a Here”….. Clothing ?uestion.

Would You Buy This Jacket?

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5 Responses to Look-a Here….Clothing ?uestion!

  1. cthebizzybee says:

    I wouldn’t buy it. Maybe I’m just out of the fashion loop, but I had to google Stussy just to find out what is was. That’s reason enough for me to steer clear of it.

  2. politicalK says:

    Funny, I didn’t realize this jacket even had a brand. The over accessorizing (smh) took away from it. With that being said….No.

  3. Tha Doc says:

    If just going off the picture alone, it’s rather hard (no pun intended, pervs!) to actually know what the jacket looks like since all we see are two sweater puppies….with that said, I think it looks dope! The…uh…jacket…I’m talking about the jacket. LOL

  4. The Audacity of Dope! says:

    TITTY BALLS…I mean….!! HAHAHAHAHA So I am actually a fan of Stussy being a sneakerhead, they are a legit urban wear brand, making some really dope snapback hats right now, as far as the jacket though, nahhhh, not my style, but your girl is wearing it WELL!!

  5. Titty balls?! LMFAO I just died, Byron

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