“Look-a Here”….Shoe ?uestion!

You already know what the “Look-a Here” segment is about….so let’s get to it.

“Look-a Here”….Shoe ?uestion!

Would you rock ("wear") these shoes or would you get these for a friend or significant other?

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4 Responses to “Look-a Here”….Shoe ?uestion!

  1. Kayla says:

    Leopard isn’t my thing….they look nice though…

  2. cthebizzybee says:

    I am currently in search of a good leopard print pump actually. But I’d like to see the back first before I say yes or no. It could be a wedge or some other funky kind of back that may be cute….but it may not be. However, in the event that this is a nice regular stiletto, I’m all up for it 🙂

  3. LovelySavant says:

    Leopard done tastefully is very chic, but it can be overkill. Its best paired with simple outfits

  4. politicalK says:

    cute shoes

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