So when I was in undergrad at the ILLUSTRIOUS Xavier University of Louisiana, legions of folks would come from out of town to my hometown New Orleans to attend XU and they would all be pleasantly surprised by the New Orleans hip hop culture of Bounce music. Even when they were like “booo, the lyrics are wack and the music is weird” initially,  by party # 3 they were Josephine Johnnying with the rest of us! HAHAHA While the Bounce music of present and during my college years and present times is good, folks from the NO will tell you that the old school stuff meant more to folks, and I always wanted folks to hear what I was talking about and couldn’t…….UNTIL NOW!! Check these joints out and tell me what you think? Viewer Discretion is advised. LET’S GET IT!!!

skip to :25

skip to :45


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  1. Tha Doc says:

    I see you had to hit ’em with that MC Thick, huh? They ain’t ready Dope! Lol

  2. Supreme Soul says:

    1) I give you much love for letting people know about the N.O. bounce, because despite not being from the N.O., I grew up on a lot of this music. So it definitely took me back and I was in here cutting up!
    2) Please don’t ever put Mystikal’s “Man Right Chea” in the category of bounce music! That is so far from bounce!
    3) There are a few others that I would have liked to see you throw up here for all the world to see and remember. I’ll start off with one, that I know quite a few people would be mad if I didn’t put this one up….so enjoy! And you all can thank me later!

  3. politicalK says:

    Lovin’ this post. Funny, after all of my years of hearing these songs, I’m just now learning their names and who sings them. I agree with Supreme Soul, Mystical is far from bounce….BUT one of my favorite memories from NOLA is when Mystical came on stage at the Zulu ball and everyone lost their mind (formal attire and all)

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