And you wonder why I’ll never leave the South?

This is crazy. He is paying $800/month for a space the size of a closet. That is nearly what I pay a month and my bathroom is bigger than his “apartment.” It is ridiculous how much living expenses can be in Northeastern cities like NYC. I couldn’t do it. I spent sometime in NYC for a summer program and while I can say yes there is alot to do making it nigh impossible to be bored, the cost of living just turned me off. Not only that, but I like my space and after being crammed into a subway car like sardines standing next to a guy who doesn’t wear deodorant but just HAS to hold on to the upper handrail, I said NOPE! Not for me at all. I’d much rather sit in traffic in the comfort of my own car rather than have my personal space invaded like several lines of pixelated aliens vacillating down the screen.

Space Invaders by Molotov Arts

In addition, my home is supposed to be a place where I feel comfortable. I can’t speak for everyone, but he doesn’t look comfortable to me. Yeah he may say it’s OK, but listen to the laugh he makes as he is explaining his living situation. It sounds like he may break out in to tears at any moment. Worse of all is that he has to share a bathroom with people he doesn’t even know. I’m sorry, but I already graduated from college and the only person I’m sharing a bathroom with now is my fiancée. What are your thoughts?

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1 Response to And you wonder why I’ll never leave the South?

  1. cthebizzybee says:

    I would go ALL SHADES of crazy living in that corner! That’s just insane that a closet costs $800 a month. I don’t care if you’re vegetarian or anything else that doesn’t require you to have to cook, that’s just too much (or more like not enough). Sure, it was nicely decorated with the little desk and whatnot, but I can’t build a leggo set so if I were in that situation it would not be as pleasant as he TRIED to make it seem.

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