Look-a Here – Clothing ?uestion (Celebrity Edition)

So we’ve done the “Look-a Here” segment  quite a few times…but never anything like this. So I give to you the Celebrity Edition of this popular segment, and because I’m such a great composer of these topics, I’ll give you all 3 to choose from instead of the usual 1! It’s ok…you can thank me later.

Would you wear anything in the above pic that Ms. Sanaa Lathan is wearing?

What about anything from this futuristic ensemble sported by Ms. Alicia Keys?

Lastly…what about this eye catching piece sported by Ms. Zoe Saldana?

  (The last is my favorite of the 3…because of the stitching of course!)

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2 Responses to Look-a Here – Clothing ?uestion (Celebrity Edition)

  1. cthebizzybee says:

    I’d wear the outfit Sanaa has on, the shoes Alicia has and the bracelet Zoe’s wearing 🙂

  2. J.Dot says:

    Sanaa’s outfit is great, head to toe. Alicia’s boots and shades are wearable, and I like Zoe’s shirt. And bracelet. 🙂

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