Scary Movies…my thoughts…

Since it is pretty much the end of October I figured that it may be good to post something relevant to this time of year. So the first thing that popped into my mind was scary movies of course (followed by costumes, both good and bad…but that’s another post)! So as I thought about it more I realized that lately there has been a shortage of truly scary movies. I mean when I was a child I could choose from a large number of thrillers that were definitely some of the scariest things a child could ever see. But nowadays, what are children left to be horrified by? Exactly, nothing at all! More time is spent making horrifying reality TV shows than good wholesome scary movies (and I say horrifying because it’s scary that people actually watch that foolishness)!!! For that I say shame on you society and Hollywood! It is my firm belief that a good horror/suspense/thriller movie should come out at least once a year and young kids should be told not to watch it, they go and do it anyway, and it utterly scares the sh*t outta them! That’s what I did, and look how good I turned out!

So it is my duty…NO…my calling to recommend at least 5 scary movies that if you have not seen as of yet, you should lock yourself in a dark room tonight when no one else is home and watch all of them! I will not be held responsible for any problems or random happenings after any of them are watched…so keep that in mind if you are scared by these so-called “scary movies” of recent years! So here are some (and I do mean some) joints that I think should be viewed before the end of the month to get the real idea of what scary movies should be! In no particular order…

1) Hostel (Part 1) – 2005

Definitely one of the most gruesome movies ever made and was definitely not a disappointment! Not for those with a weak stomach! (Haven’t seen the sequels…but I believe Part 1 will be just fine!)

2) The Hills Have Eyes – 2006

Just off the wall things going on in here and of course quite a few of them get FUBAR!!! Family problems is definitely an understatement for this one!

Film poster for The Exorcist - Copyright 1973,...3) The Exorcist – 1973

Classic to say the least! The remakes could never come close!  And possibly has something to do with why creepy kids scare the sh*t out of people today!

4) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 1972

Yet another classic and can’t be duplicated…what makes it better is that it’s based off of true events! Ahhhh…don’t make them like this anymore!

5) The Hitcher – 1986

I was sleeping on it at first but definitely can say that it is the epitome of a thriller! Will definitely stick in your mind because he was definitely wrapped too tight!

Please watch in the pitch black darkness with the volume really loud for best effects! Enjoy yourself, and try not to say ahhhh sh*t too much (men) and scream/cover your face (women)!

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3 Responses to Scary Movies…my thoughts…

  1. Dclay3 says:

    I guess I should make this a blockbuster weekend. I haven’t seen three of the five on the list. However, I agree with you. Im a scary movie fanatic and there’s a lack of scary movies played on television period- very disappointing especially this month.

  2. PimpC4eva says:

    The Hills have Eyes was a good movie, they showed it last weekend on AMC.

  3. cthebizzybee says:

    Negative. I will do no such thing. I refuse to volunteer to be scared.

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