Shut Up and Take My Money!!!

As an unapologetic video game nerd, technophile, and someone who likes to stay active, this is simply amazing. Yeah we have motion sensor gaming available now, but to me as a hardcore gamer it all seems gimmicky and no one has fully utilized the software to warrant a purchase for myself, in my humble opinion. Yeah, it’s great that more people are welcoming a hobby that I’ve enjoyed since a wee lad, but this ish right here? This is why I play video games, to become immersed in the experience. This is as close to immersion as you’re going to get without actually enlisting. I need someone to hurry up and make this technology available on a consumer level ASAP. I would gladly hand over my money for this. Plus, as an added bonus, you are definitely guaranteed to get into shape after a couple of weeks of playing in this. I say bring it on Future….bring it on indeed.

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Like the tallest Redwood, you won’t be able to grow without both the sunshine and the rain...
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1 Response to Shut Up and Take My Money!!!

  1. LovelySavant says:

    I feel over stimulated! Its pretty awesome

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