“Look-a Here…Cap ?uestion”

So on to the latest “Look-a Here” segment…

Which of the following caps (if any) would you sport?

Captain America

Leopard Joint


Bert of Sesame Street

Elmo of Sesame Street

Oscar The Grouch of Sesame Street

And for the ladies that don’t wear caps…which cap would you not mind a guy you’re dating  or a guy trying to get your number wearing (if any)?

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4 Responses to “Look-a Here…Cap ?uestion”

  1. Supreme Soul says:

    Me personally…I would rock the Capt. America and the Elmo for sure. And maybe on a particular day if I’m feeling up to it the Wolverine and Oscar joints.

  2. Tha Doc says:

    Wolverine, Elmo, and Oscar

  3. cthebizzybee says:

    None of the above. Please and thanks.

    If a guy walked up to me and tried to get my number wearing any one of these hats I would initially think he’s immature, a pedophile trying to attract children or just too hood-tastic for my liking (leopard…really!?!). I’d like for the guy I’m dating to stick to solid colors, athletic teams, repping his state and the like (if he must wear a hat at all). Cartoons should be left to the kiddies and high schoolers who still think that things of their childhood can be cool as they approach adulthood.

  4. politicalK says:

    Interesting selection of hats. The bert, elmo and oscar hats are cute and could be pulled off by the right guy (not just anyone). The captain america and wolverine hats…not so much BUT have potential. The leopard hat is just a FAIL! It looks like it belongs to someone’s grandma and should be paired with a warm up suit that “swishes” when you walk (a parachute suit?) and a fanny pack.

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