Goapele – Play

So for those that don’t already know, the very talented soul singer Goapele has a new album (“Break of Dawn“) out that seems to be very nice! I’ve listened to it once thus far and was impressed by just about every song. But the one that definitely caught my attention the most, was the song featured below entitled “Play”. It’s a very sensual, sexy, and seductive song on the part of Goapele, which surprised me, but she did it just right if I do say so myself. I highly recommend it to all even if you’re not a fan. But I have a feeling after you listen to the song…you may start to change your mind! Enjoy…

– Supreme Soul

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3 Responses to Goapele – Play

  1. I really like this song..I’ve always loved her music, though. My fav part of the video: the Atari chilling! LOL But, you are right, it’s a slight departure from her usual sound. It sounds/looks good on her. Good job, sir

  2. cmac says:

    I first heard Goapele live at a first Friday in New Orleans 2006. I enjoyed some of her selections…so it’s been a while but this song and video”Play” definently good mix–the rhythm, the sounds, and the lyrics.  First thoughts: sexy,provactive, salacious, modern, and seductive. The video made me think of artist Prince who I love and her juxtaposition of the word “Play” is nicely integrated throughout the song and the video. I appreciate the selection. Kudos.

  3. LovelySavant says:

    As soon as the song began I got really excited. And I must admit it sounds like a song that would be on a Twilight soundtrack, yes I said it, i listen to Twilight soundtracks. The indie rocker vibe and the musical choices on these CDs are quite well chosen, I highly recommend them.

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