Look-a Here….Dress ?uestion!

This particular “Look-a Here” segment will be geared towards the female readers of

The Intellectual Revolution.

We would like to hear your opinions on the following dresses in regards to your approval (or disapproval) and the likelihood of you wearing any of them (or not). All parts of the outfit in the pictures are also up for discussion for y’all so feel free to give your thoughts on them as well. So ladies……

#1 - Denim Dress

#2 - Red Dress

#3 - Black Dress

#4 - White Dress

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2 Responses to Look-a Here….Dress ?uestion!

  1. cmac says:

    Dress #1:Not the best angle….but the dress/outfit is cute.
    Dress #2:I also like, its fitted, sexy, but tasteful and would wear depending on the venue.
    Dress #3: lol–is not my style and if worn by me, I would be misidentified as a professional in a completely different industry that shall remain nameless. I am a huge fan of little black dresses, just not this one.
    Dress #4: White dresses are always appealing and flattering, especially for women of color: the v-neck and design I like, but not a dress I would wear—the length and the fit/structure emphasize/accent too many things at once.

  2. T says:

    It’s a bit hard to critique these looks based on the photos selected. The last two especially are gratuitous photos more likely to be seen in mens magazines. The first two are a bit more “tasteful” and could potentially sell a particular piece. Frankly, the first photo of the denim dress looks like a shot from a new model’s lookbook. I personally find most of these looks lacking style. The red dress is the only dress I can envision styled into something a fashion-forward woman would wear(in public).

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