Phonte – Who Loves You More

Alright people…here’s a track that I happen to think is quite entertaining yet thought-provoking. It comes from a hip-hop artist by the name of Phonte. He is also known as one half of the very prolific duo Little Brother hailing from N.C. (Durham people stand up)! If you don’t know about any of the above, please turn off the radio and stop listening to the foolishness that’s on there 70% of the time, and go listen to some true music that will be food to the ears and not be forgotten in only a few months.

Anyways….the name of the track is called “Who Loves You More” feat. Eric Roberson and it’s off Phonte’s latest album “Charity Starts At Home” (which I highly recommend to all)! Take a listen and thank me later.

(Disclaimer: True hip-hop isn’t for everybody… so please listen with discretion and free from all the bullsh*t that pollutes radios and TVs daily!)


Also…don’t sleep on Eric Roberson either…dude is a beast on the R&B and Soul tip!

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5 Responses to Phonte – Who Loves You More

  1. Thank you for helping to keep me afloat of new, good music.

  2. Tha Doc says:

    Great song from a great album.

  3. The Audacity of Dope! says:

    TIGALLO TIGALLO TIGALLO!!! Nuff said! (drops the mic…walks away!)

  4. Ken Jazz says:

    All about Life choices. Great track

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