So here are the latest two up and coming artist that have my hearts ear. Both are AMAZIN, each in their own right. Jennah Bell is an Oakland born, Berklee College of Music trained beauty whose music and looks are the definition of LOVELY.

Allen Stone is the Seattle native who is not just another white fella that can sing Blue Eyed Soul, but an EXTRAORDINARILY talented fella who can SANG True Soul Music. Partake, and let me know what you think?;)

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2 Responses to MUSIC THAT MOVES ME!!!

  1. Tha Doc says:

    Nice! Allen Stone appears to have quite the talent sir. I especially like the line, ” Everyday taxes increase, so is this our Land or is this our Lease?” I look forward to hearing more from both artist.

  2. Supreme Soul says:

    Listened to the both and each are very talented to say the least! But I must say that Mr. Stone had me speechless with this particular arrangement! I mean from the music, to his composition, to his lyrics, to his vocal range….all of them were top notch! I think he just made the playlist of DJ Supreme Soul with this one joint…and I will say that’s quite difficult to do. Dude has soul and a lot of it…and if you don’t know by now…that’s alright with me!

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