A Damn Shame Moment….D. Wade?

So I saw this picture and I thought it was something that I know I wouldn’t try to pull off ever. But he did and to me it’s a damn shame. But I’m interested to hear others’ opinion of this ensemble put together by the well known NBA superstar. Do you think it works for Mr. D. Wade or do you think this is a big HELL NO?

A Damn Shame Moment?

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5 Responses to A Damn Shame Moment….D. Wade?

  1. politicalK says:

    Wait!!!! Are those skinny jeans? In general, the whole outfit is a little too snug for me. The jacket and shoe are nice, but the turtleneck and jeans would have to go. He just looks uncomfortable standing there.

  2. LovelySavant says:

    Yeah its def too snug! I am a fan of fitted clothing but not ill fitting, he should do better

  3. Tha Doc says:

    Hell No! I just don’t understand why dudes can’t find a medium instead of the extremes. Clothes are either so baggy that cats look like the “after pics” on those late night diet infomercials or the clothes are so tight that dudes are becoming sterile. Clothes should fit, plain and simple. The biggest faux pas is the dreaded “murse” or male purse aka the “B!tch Bag.” No disrespect to women because a purse, carry-all, clutch (whatever you want to call it) is a part of your socially accepted fashion, but for men? That’s why we have bigger pockets homie. If they wore clothes that fit, then there would be no need for a murse. SMH

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