Look-a Here…Style and Clothing ?uestion

Just bringing some more accessories, outfits, and styles that caught my eye. Also wanted to see what would be your opinion of them and if they are things/styles you would sport or wouldn’t mind someone else around you sporting. So here are 4 different ensembles that are quite different from each other, but I think all have a unique style one way or another. Thoughts are appreciated.

Outfit #1?

Outfit #2?

Outfit #3?

Outfit #4?

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4 Responses to Look-a Here…Style and Clothing ?uestion

  1. LovelySavant says:

    Where the deuce are you finding these fits? Cassie’s is the best because its the most classy, the others look like video vixens, oh yeah thats right they are! Smh

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