Reality TV…The Good Kind

So for those that know me well, I’m not a huge fan of reality TV. To put it more plainly I usually despise it simply because I would rather go out and do stuff that’s fun and exciting than watch other people live and do things that are filled with unnecessary drama and foolishness! So with that disclaimer, I will say pretty much the only reality TV I watch is centered around some type of talent……dancing, cooking, dj’ing/turntablism, art design, singing, etc.(Singing excludes shows such as American Idol and The X Factor)

One particular show that I came across through a friend’s recommendation is called The Sing Off. It is an all a capella singing show where groups do various renditions of popular music that are nothing short of amazing. If you don’t know about it then you should take a moment and check out the videos below. The talent on there is top-notch and some of the performances leave me saying I didn’t think that song could get any better….but they just found a way to do it. Check out the videos at your leisure. I think you will be pleased if you enjoy good singing and good music.

And much love to Afro-Blue hailing from Howard University! Way to represent for the HBCUs out there!

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2 Responses to Reality TV…The Good Kind

  1. LovelySavant says:

    Pentatonix deserved to win. Afroblue was cool but too monotone, everything doesnt need a jazzy inflection, ugh

  2. politicalK says:

    This was a great show I started watching (on occasion) this past season after seeing Afro Blue’s performance of “Put Your Records On”. I will admit I only watched the second half of the show, when I did remember it was on, but I was always impressed by the groups that I did get to see. One of my favorite performances was Urban’s Method’s – “All of the Lights”. It was always interesting to see how the groups would interpret common and not so common songs and put their on personal twist on them. Their renditions always left me wanting more.

    Great find sir.

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