Look-a Here….Dress ?uestion

So this is a little bit different “Look-a Here” session than the usual. Some would say it’s more PRESIDENTIAL than others we’ve done in the past….and for good reason. But the premise is still simple like the rest of the sessions. So ladies, would you adorn the blue gown worn by the 1st Lady or is it not your cup of tea? And gents, your thoughts are appreciated as well.

Mr. President and The 1st Lady

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3 Responses to Look-a Here….Dress ?uestion

  1. cmac says:

    It is definently my cup I tea–elegant, sleek, vibrant color, and fitted. I would say yes to this dress for a formal affair, depending on the function. The A-line/strapless design and silhouette elegantly accentuates Michelle’s beautiful features. I like the “ruching” and details and that it flares out towards the bottom. I would like a closer look at the “ruching” as it appears to have a number of accents. The earings are a perfect match and touch. Yes, I am fan.

  2. Shelly says:

    I’m not in love with the top portion, but the bottom is great. in short, would I wear it? Yes.

  3. Wanja says:

    HYFR….no I kid she looks uuhhmazing (happy endings reference) and I loved how she down played here make up so the dress got the spot light!!!

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