Wale – Chain Music


Here’s Wale’s video for Chain Music off his Sophomore effort Ambition. The video illustrates perfectly whats wrong with the world and it’s obsession with materialism. Thoughts?

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3 Responses to Wale – Chain Music

  1. Supreme Soul says:

    First off, I was on this song of the Wale mixtape and it still is pretty catchy to me. Thanks for posting the video sir, because some people wouldn’t realize what he’s saying in the song had they not actually peeped the video.
    And what’s sad is that it truly happens much like what is projected int the video. If people happen to be the flashiest out of the crowd, they always seem to catch people’s eye regardless if half of that stuff isn’t theirs! Humble cats, don’t seem to get any of that. Smh…tragic.

  2. wem says:

    pregunta: (sure there is the concept of “some” women following the ca$h) then there is the question of why do you keep going after the same women? isn’t that the definition of insanity in one form of the other?

    • Tha Doc says:

      Excellent point and unfortunately that is the way of the world. The men who do this long to be loved by the most physically attractive women (key word being physically) and totally disregard any type of personality. Men are dogs, well not all of us, but you get the idea, and most of us just want to lay some pipe with as many women as possible. Do I think that it is appropriate? No. But, as much as I hate to say it, it’s in our blood, literally. Watch any animal show on Discovery channel, or any show about early humans and you will soon come to realize that males (regardless of species) have the urge to seed as many females as possible to make sure that their genes are carried on into the future. Yes, today it is more about lust than procreation, but that is where it stems from. I totally agree that it is insane, but the same dudes that do this, don’t want to put in the effort to get a good woman. Instead, they rather buy (or rent) something flashy, get some easy a$$, and be done with it. Unfortunately, there are some women that willingly play into this and thus the cycle continues.

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