?uestion – Gr8 or 8?

What do you think?

Upon speaking with a faithful reader/subscriber to The Intellectual Revolution, I was asked whatever happened to the “Gr8 or 8” posts. So it hit me that I should bring it back to the forefront of everyone’s minds in hopes to get some opinions about who’s better on a few collaborations. If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of the “Gr8 or 8” idea, please see the original post to brief yourself before proceeding.

Now for this edition’s songs. We will do three songs and hopefully get some opinions of who people think was “Gr8” and who got “8”, and maybe why they feel that way. (Lyrics provided on-screen for additional assistance if you’re on the fence with any of your decisions)

1) “N*ggas In Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye West”

2) “Dance (Ass)” Big Sean feat. Nicki Minaj

3) “Fool For You” Cee-Lo Green feat Melanie Fiona”

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2 Responses to ?uestion – Gr8 or 8?

  1. Tha Doc says:

    In my humble opinion, I think Kanye 8 Jay-Z throughout the whole album. That’s not to say that Jay-Z was terrible, it’s just that Kanye was better. Big Sean 8 Nicki Minaj and as far as the Cee-Lo joint it’s hard to say. Can’t really base the decision off lyrics because with songs the lyrics are usually not written by the performer, except in Cee-Lo’s case since he does tend to write his own stuff. But based off of performance, they both were Gr8, I can’t call it.

  2. politicalK says:

    Kayne 8 Jay-Z and Nicki 8 Big Sean…

    Now for my favorite of the three songs…..Melanie Fiona 8 Cee-Lo. She made a good song GREAT! The Cee-Lo only version gets the job done. However the addition of Melanie Fiona is what gives it that extra umph…. *just my opinion*

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