They Don’t Dance No Mo’ – Les Twins

While listening to some Goodie Mob, I came across the idea for a new segment highlighting dancing talent from around the world. As a lover of all forms of artistic expression, I can appreciate the talent that these young men have. For those who don’t know, the focus of this inaugural segment are Les Twins, twin brothers (duh!) from France. They have been dancing for a while now, I’ve seen and enjoyed their videos. They have a unique style that is infused with character and they truly look like they love their craft. I used to dance myself back in the day, but after I broke my hip at the infamous 1974 Pop-Locking Championship in LA against Rerun of What’s Happening!! fame, it’s never been the same. Since then I’ve been living vicariously through random dance videos on YouTube. Anyways, enjoy the video and let us know what you think. If you have anyone else you want to be highlighted let us know in the comments.

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1 Response to They Don’t Dance No Mo’ – Les Twins

  1. Supreme Soul says:

    Very talented cats! The made it look effortless. Sorry to hear about the hip, but if you were doing stuff like they were then I see how that could have happened! Keep it coming sir.

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