Artistry, Photography, and Poetry – Maurice Evans

I’m not the hugest authority when it comes to the arts but I do like to give people who are actually doing something with their talent and passion there just due. So I want to begin a new topic for the upcoming new year that will feature different artists, poets, photographers, etc. and their pieces to hopefully spread the word about those that are good at what they do and show their talent as well. Hopefully our readers will let us know their thoughts about the artists and  their pieces/bodies of work where they see fit. So with that being said we can begin with The Intellectual Revolution‘s first Artistry, Photography, and Poetry post.

So this post will feature the art work of Maurice Evans. He was born in Smyrna, TN, trained in ATL, and has some good work from those that I have come across. Check out some of them below and if you feel so compelled stop by his website to see more and maybe make a purchase. Enjoy the art people…Supreme Soul out!

Air by Maurice Evans

Thunder by Maurice Evans

Bus Stop by Maurice Evans

Chroma Keys - Maurice Evans

Joy Acoustic by Maurice Evans

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1 Response to Artistry, Photography, and Poetry – Maurice Evans

  1. Tha Doc says:

    Very dope! Will definitely check out more of his work.

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