Workin’ Day and Night – Michael Jackson

Seeing as how I’m stuck at work waiting for the miracle of life to happen and need to take a break, a song that I’m quite fond of when I’m putting in all these hours popped into my head. Now, this song isn’t as simple as it seems when it comes to punching the clock, seeing as how most of MJ’s songs are usually about him and some woman. (Examples: Billy Jean, Dirty Diana, Rock With You, P.Y.T., Remember The Time, etc., etc., etc.,) However, it definitely helps me pass the time during those late nights and early mornings where I’m forced to be on duty much longer than I care to. So with that, I give to you a classic from one of my all time favorite artists. (And if you know me, you know I don’t play when it comes to my MJ music!!!). Enjoy people, especially those of you that are at work like me when the chorus comes around!

-Supreme Soul

P.S. Y’all don’t want to see me on the MJ: Experience!!! I’m a fool on that joint! LOL!

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2 Responses to Workin’ Day and Night – Michael Jackson

  1. Dclay3 says:

    You think you are a fool on the game but you’re not !

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