A Beautiful & Heart Felt Song From An Unlikely Source

As I was going through the web today, I came across this video of a homeless gentleman who’s singing in the subway. Now at first I wasn’t drawn to it, but then I saw in the title of the video that he was singing an Adele song (Someone Like You) and the indication that he actually was doing an amazing job drew me to watch it. Now after seeing it I have to say that Adele would be proud because he absolutely kills it and then some. Add that to him playing an instrument while hitting those notes so well makes this an amazing performance all around. It just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter what you look, sound, talk, or act like….good music is universal and can be found just about anywhere. Watch it and I’m sure you will understand what I mean.

– Supreme Soul

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4 Responses to A Beautiful & Heart Felt Song From An Unlikely Source

  1. Brandon says:

    Man he killed it. Then he preached after it was over lol…This reminds me of why I miss NYC so much!

  2. Ken Jazz says:

    He sings from the heart. Great talent. Example of how some of us that are well off take simple things for granted.

  3. cmac says:

    Amazing…that performance and his voice connect to the soul.

  4. politicalK says:

    This gave me chills…..simply beautiful.

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