Look-a Here…Style/Clothing ?uestion

It’s that time again. A time for you the reader to give us your opinion on fashion and are these styles do-able or far from being worthy to adorned. And if you’re feeling up to it, let us know if you wouldn’t mind if your date wore them too. Take a look at the entire outfit (shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.) and comment where you see fit.  Everything is fair game.

Outfit #1?

Outfit #2?

– Supreme Soul

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1 Response to Look-a Here…Style/Clothing ?uestion

  1. G-money says:

    I think both are fly but you know I have a thing for vest. I’ve only rocked the bow tie once but plan to do it more in the new year. Am I the only one noticing people are kinda taking the male quirky style a little too literal? I mean the vest tie blazer and oversized glasses? We can’t all be Andre 3000. But hey do you

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