Grew Up Fast – J. Cole

Grew Up Fast - J. Cole

So I must admit that I was told about this track and basically ignored the advice that it was good. (Shot out to the homie DJ). But after listening to it, I must say that Mr. Cole went off with top-notch lyricism and a high quality delivery that made “Grew Up Fast” an instant classic and soon to be constantly replayed track on my playlist and turntables! If you’re a fan of J. Cole I believe you will say he did his thing with this track.

I did note that this is the track plays into the so-called beef between him and Diggy Simmons, but diss track or not, you can’t knock a dope track for being dope. I don’t believe he meant this joint as a diss track (and he even says in the song that it’s not a diss), but those who love drama basically yearn to cause it or see it unfold in some form or fashion, and given the avenue or medium they will pounce like a lion on a gazelle. Regardless of all that you should check out the track and take from it what you will. I think it’s enjoyable and well crafted from the rap on the track to the overall production of the track itself (shout out to the homie Just Blaze). Interested to know your thoughts true hip-hop fans…enjoy!!!

– Supreme Soul

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2 Responses to Grew Up Fast – J. Cole

  1. Ken Jazz says:

    Nice track

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