Red Eye – Big K.R.I.T.

Yes I Do…

As most of you know by now, us here at The Intellectual Revolution are fans of the Mississippi born rapper Big K.R.I.T., but few people know why or even give him a listen just because he’s not on the radio or TV like the “more popular” rappers. Now I’m not going to be the blogger to start bashing any artists here at this site. But I will give props or credit to those that I believe deserve it, especially when it comes to music or being artistic.

I was speaking to a good friend of mine not too long ago, and I was actually tasked with making sure that she was introduced to new music that was as she put it “soulful but funky”. Now I can’t say that K.R.I.T. is funky (at least not on this track), but he definitely has soul and then some here. The song (from his “4Eva N A Day” mixtape) is titled “Red Eye”, and

Big K.R.I.T. – “4Eva N A Day” Mixtape

I believe this is because he is depicting how he loses sleep over a troubling relationship. There are an endless number of songs out there by rappers describing how their relationships are difficult, but I think this joint is different simply because if you pay attention to his lyrics (which seems to be a lost art these days) you can hear how sincere he is when talking to this young lady. It’s introspective, heart-felt, respectful of the woman (another lost art), and he does what few rappers do in any of their “commercial” tracks….exposes himself to the listener. Add amazing production, a sick piano melody, and impeccable timing during his delivery and you are left with what I call a classic song. Not a classic rap song or a currently popular/hot song that will get a lot of radio play….a classic song that can be played for 5, 10, or 15 years and it will still be as true to form as it was when you first truly listened to the song.

So, if you are at a point where you just want to hear something that is real in terms of relationships and the issues that come with, you should take an uninterrupted 2 minutes and 45 seconds to pay close attention to the entire song. Some of the lines that made me sit back and think were: “king is much more than the weight of a crown”, “being single is cool ’til ain’t nobody around”, “I can’t be what you want me to be…you shooting too high ’cause you ain’t aiming at me”, “being friends would make it harder to breathe so if you ready to fly just forget about me”, and “But if you willing to try then I’m willing to leap out of the window of pain and fall in love at your feet”. Thought provoking song indeed. Check it out and let us know your thoughts or any lines you felt were interesting or just cast a quick vote on the poll below.

Thanks for reading…

– Supreme Soul

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  1. Tha Doc says:

    Live From The Underground, 6/5/12!! Support good music people!

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