Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number…

While watching TV earlier today, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the story of a 15-year-old high school freshman from Maryland winning an international science fair. Now to most this would not be a big deal because of course it deals with something that isn’t all that “simple”–like sports, pop culture, or the latest episode of some reality TV show. However, I was mostly impressed because of the field in which he did it and how it may eventually help to improve and save people’s’ lives. Jack Andraka received the Gordan E. Moore award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his research in detecting pancreatic cancer. He developed a test for pancreatic cancer that is not only 100 times more sensitive at detecting the extremely fatal form of cancer, but is also 28 times cheaper and faster than current tests in place. The urine and blood test that he developed can detect this type of cancer with 90 percent accuracy. For his work Andraka was awarded $75,000 in scholarship funds and $12,000 in cash, and he beat out over 1,500 students from 70 countries to claim the award. I’m sure he didn’t do it all on his own, and he probably did have a great deal of help from others in the research and medical field, but I still think it’s an impressive feat nonetheless. So next time you hear someone much younger than you say they are going to change the world please think twice before you shrug their words off. You never know what the future holds, and thanks to research like this some of you that may be quick to shrug will get to be around long enough to see that future since you’ll have one less fatal thing to worry about. After all, when it comes to dreams and aspirations age is truly nothing but a number.

– Supreme Soul

P.S. Hey Jack, let me hold 1 or 2 G’s…I got loans homie! Hahaha.


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2 Responses to Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number…

  1. Tha Doc says:

    Beast mode right there sir. I think he deserves more than just $87,000 in scholarships and cash though.

  2. politicalK says:

    Amazing story! Imagine what lies ahead for this young man, if he’s accomplishing this at just 15. ^^^I agree. $87,000 is not nearly enough!

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