You Think You Know Someone

So I was riding to work today and I hear this story on the radio…

“A Florida man lit the mother of his 4-year-old son on fire early Monday, then chased her with a machete knife at a 7-Eleven.”

The story goes that the lady went to meet the father of her child, Roosevelt Mondesir, at the convenience store because they share custody of their child and was supposed to be having a “time sharing exchange”. However, once this unnamed lady realized that the father, who she doesn’t live with, had shown up with no kid in the car she tried to get back in her car. It was at this point that he began to throw gas on her and the car. She then runs into the store to seek refuge but is dragged back outside. Later she seen on the store’s security camera footage running around outside the store engulfed in flames. And the video is not pleasant people.

Damn shame if you ask me. Now if you’re like me then you are wondering why didn’t she stop, drop, and roll like people are taught if they happen to come in contact with fire. Well come to find out that she couldn’t stop because this man was chasing behind her with a machete.

Now, the good news is she made it out of this ordeal alive with severe burns so at least her child will have one sane parent. But my words to the readers out there are to try and use some common sense when it comes to some things when dealing with a “relationship”. This lady met her child’s father at a gas station at 3am to share time with there kid…that seemed funny to me especially if this wasn’t the ordinary meeting place or time. 2nd, was that they say he drove a Jaguar and she drove a Benz to this meeting, so that leaves me to assume they both had some money. So a 3am meeting would seem even more suspicious to me if this is the case. Lastly, if you are not living with a person and they want you to meet them at an early hour like this, please bring a person with you. Hell bring 2 or 3 people with you. Just don’t go by yourself.

I’m sure they had issues if they were not living together and sharing custody so that right there is reason enough to think that this meeting was not on the best of terms to begin with. A lot of times we think we know someone and really have little idea of what they really are like deep down inside.
I’ve had a few crazy relationships where people have been sitting outside my place “watching me” for a number of reasons, and I had no idea they were even close to being on that wavelength.

So at this point I put very little past people, and I also am careful what I say to someone when they are angry. If there is one more thing I have learned in life is you never can quite tell when someone will snap and go crazy or become flat out psychotic. I’m not surprised at some stories about things the seem so outrageous happening because sometimes people just flat out snap! By working in the health care field I see this all the time, so when I’m out and I see someone who has a crazy look in their eye(s) or a seriously aggressive driver I just leave them to do their thing because I don’t want to be that poor soul that finds out that person was one incident away from having that psychotic break and I’m the one that set it off.

Lastly, most crazy people have signs they may be crazy long before they snap. You just have to pay attention and not brush them off when they are put on display. For instance, if I was attentive enough to know this one girl I dated liked to go “hunting” and was really into “boxing”, I might have been able to avoid the extra aggressive “discussions” she insisted on having when we disagreed on things. (Thank goodness she didn’t run too fast.)

Bottom line, know when to tread softly grasshoppers and always keep your guard up because if you think you know someone, 9.99 times out of 10 you probably know a quarter of that. That’s all and thanks for reading.

– Supreme Soul

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1 Response to You Think You Know Someone

  1. Tha Doc says:

    Lit her on fire? Really? Is it that serious? SMH. But I agree wholeheartedly, gots to be mo’ careful around people these days.

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