Maybe She’ll Dream of Me – The Foreign Exchange

So first and foremost…Happy 4th of July to all and especially to the readers, subscribers, and followers of us here at! In the words of Team America: World Police–America, F*CK YEAH! (Non-American readers it’s still all love people).

Now to the topic at hand. While sitting, listening to music, and doing what I do best–studying (…not really) for hours and hours on in (….again not really)–I came across a song that I had forgotten about due to a tragic of loss of someone close to me, my iPod.

A moment of silence for the fallen homie….

Now, when I heard the song I definitely smiled, but after paying close attention to it, especially the lyrics, I realized that this song brought up some nostalgia and was quite thought-provoking to yours truly. I already liked it and am quite a fan of the composers (big ups to The Foreign Exchange), but this has become another favorite of mine to add to the already seemingly endless list.

It is entitled “Maybe She’ll Dream of Me” and comes from the album “Authenticity” (released in 2010). Feel free to check it out if you have a few minutes and listen. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading, and feedback is always appreciated .

– Supreme Soul

P.S. Big ups to DJ Nellz for the truly classic Foreign Exchange/Little Brother mix that reminded me of their once forgotten, hip-hop infused, and truly soulful music.

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2 Responses to Maybe She’ll Dream of Me – The Foreign Exchange

  1. S.moore says:

    Man, that’s my jam too. It just has a way of making my heart smile…

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