Rick Ross feat Andre 3000 – Sixteen

So, here’s my thing about Rick Ross, I have never been able to listen to any of his albums straight through without skipping some tracks, but he does have a few songs on every album that are dope. He’s obviously not the most lyrical rapper, but not only does he have an amazing ear for production, he also has great features, who often outshine him on his own tracks. Take this song, Sixteen featuring Andre 3000, for example. There is a point after Andre’s verse where I honestly forgot that Rick Ross was even on the track until he started ad libbing. With Andre 3000 completely snapping over a J.U.S.T.I.C.E League production, how could I not love this song? I’ll even give Rick Ross credit because he graciously gave the track to 3000, lol. Seriously though, he held his own and he has stepped up his lyrics since he started, but this should be a track by Andre 3000 featuring Rick Ross. After this I need an Andre 3000 solo album and another ‘Kast album stat, because this man obviously has more to say. Enjoy.

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