Some HBCU Love

I received an email from one of my frat brothers today about the top HBCUs in 2012. I was happy to see that our alma mater, none other than Xavier University of Louisiana, was tied for #5 of the 50 schools listed. Although it’s not the biggest HBCU, based off the size of the campus or number of students, nor is it the most publicized, it still is clear to see that it’s one of the best  schools out there, and I’m proud to see that we were given some recognition. Knowing what the college has been through not even 10 years ago and seeing it make the top 10 of this list even further speaks to how amazing this university is and will remain.

And of course I would be remiss if I didn’t say that Xavier University of Louisiana is ranked #1 of all schools, not just HBCUs, at placing African-Americans in medical school. If you don’t already know, just go ask your local physicians or pharamacists if they ever heard of us or know someone who has went to Xavier down in New Orleans. I’m pretty sure they will let you know rather quickly. If not, I’m sure they just are hating. So Xavier alum please stand up, take a bow, and represent wherever you are. We in here!

Now if any of you are interested in seeing what other HBCUs were ranked and the criteria used to compose this list, here’s the website.  If you attended a HBCU of any kind please let us know which one and when below in the comment section. As always thanks for visiting us here at

– Supreme Soul

P.S. And a quick (and I mean very quick) shot out to our arch rivals at Dillard University for making the list at #9. Congrats are in order, but always remember y’all will come 2nd to us in one way or another! Hahahahahahahaha!

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