Christian Scott Quintet: Half Jazz Band, Half Amazing

ImageWhere do I even begin. Just last night in this great Metropolis we call New York City I had the pleasure of going to the world famous Blue Note Jazz club to see New Orleans’ own Christian Scott aka Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah and his jazz quintet.  To say that I was blown away by what I experienced from the first note on would be a huge EXTREEEEME understatement. I have been to plenty of Jazz concerts in my day, as a New Orleans homegrown hood connoisseur of jazz delights if you will, but this right here fam!?!?! Most jazz concerts consist of all pieces playing at a fairly chill pace while one, mayyyybe two instrument get the spot light and gig out at a time. NOT THE CASE HERE!! I’m telling you most of the time it felt like each member was going HARD solo style but it fused together to make this great…BIG…BEAUTIFUL SOUL SHAKING SOUND. Every piece was on point from piano, to wonderful guitarist, to young Julliard trained saxophonist, to future drum legend Jameri Williams (cop that album), to the piece de resistance, Mr. Scott himself. I give this concert experience and A++ because it was, (and I don’t say this easily because LAWD KNOWS I love Robert Glasper, Chris Daddy Dave and the Crew) top 2 the best Jazz concerts I’ve EVER been to.

Here are versions of three of my fav cuts from last night:

In this piece Danzinger he tells the story of the Danzinger bridge tragedy in New Orleans during the Katrina Fiasco where police in a neighboring area would not let citizens of New Orleans come across a bridge to flee the city in search of refuge and in fact shot and killed 4 people. This is my fav cut on the new album.

For this piece entitled “Isadora” he tells the story of how he wrote it for his fiancé 2 months after they had met but didn’t tell her initially because he didn’t want her to think he was a loser.

For this piece KKPD he tells the story that it was inspired by a racist encounter he had with the NOPD.

Please go cop this all this kids albums especially the new joint which dropped about a month in the US as the # 1 jazz album and 2 months ago in Europe as the #1 jazz album. It’s entitled Christian Scott Atuande Adjuah. Also check out his drummer Jamire William’s new album with his band Erimaj which dropped last week called Conflict of a Man.

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1 Response to Christian Scott Quintet: Half Jazz Band, Half Amazing

  1. Tha Doc says:

    Love it! I’m ashamed to say that this is my first time hearing of them. Will definitely check out more.

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