Artistry, Photography, and Poetry – Santlov


So while browsing the internet today, I came across an artist/photographer that has amazing talent and an extreme eye for detail. Depending on who you ask, some would possibly say that this isn’t fine art, and to those people I would say please reassess what fine art is exactly. Now I’m not professing to be some guru of knowing what fine art is and what art “isn’t” qualified to have this designation, but I will say his pieces should make the cut easily. This photographer, also an avid toy collector, uses familiar childhood toys in much of his works, but does with an interesting twist of his own.

Santlov‘s collection, entitled “Toys R Like Us“, shows off several iconic characters of animation that are hard to forget, but seeing them in this light will definitely make you remember them for another reason or two. Here at The Intellectual Revolution, we salute creativity and boldness to step outside the box. So we definitely give love to those who do just that, and Santlov is no different. So take a look below at some of the extremely detailed and overtly artistic pieces he has done below. If you’re feeling them and want to see more you can check out his Tumblr site here. And as always we hope you learned something, and thanks for stopping by

– Supreme Soul

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2 Responses to Artistry, Photography, and Poetry – Santlov

  1. Akayla says:

    Loving the TMNT shutout lol

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