Alex Cross – Movie Trailer (2012)

For fans of the novel “Cross” by James Patterson, here you go.  For fans of Tyler Perry, here you go. For fans of both, calm down before you soil yourself. The movie is set to be released in October 2012 and tells a story of a detective that’s told a member of his family has been brutally tortured and murdered by a killer whom he vows to track down. A lot of fans of the novel were hoping for Denzel to get this part, but I’m interested to see how Tyler will do with a serious role outside of what he is most often known for. I hope he pulls it off, and makes it look easy in the process. But if he doesn’t I know a lot of my family and friends will be quick to let me and everyone else know about it. He will be starring in this one opposite Matthew Fox (aka Jack Shephard for all the fans of “Lost”) so check out the trailer below if you’re interested and as always thanks for reading.

– Supreme Soul

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1 Response to Alex Cross – Movie Trailer (2012)

  1. Tha Doc says:

    First thought, I don’t know about this. Perry has been typecasted so much, by himself of all people, that I find it difficult to see him in this role. However, I will hold passing judgement until I know more or at least hear reviews from other people. Glad he is stepping out and doing different roles though. Now he just needs to change up his tried and true formula for his productions, maybe if this does well.

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