Look-a Here – Style ?uestion

I’ve never claimed to be the guru of fashion, and there have been a number of times I’ve asked others for help in the style department. Not because I’m confused about what matches something else or lost at the concept of putting together a smooth or clean-cut look. That much comes with ease. But I will admit that some stuff I see that comes out and is branded by people to be fashionable, or unique, or stylistic leaves me scratching my head; sometimes saying I would have never been able to come up with something like that.

Some people definitely have an eye for it. One of my fraternity brothers, for instance, can probably do this sort of thing in his sleep. (What up DJ?). And some people just don’t have that same “vision”. The Audacity of Dope! for another type of instance. (Sorry sir). I say all of this for 2 reasons.

Reason 1) – If you are in the first group, I wanted to show y’all some love for being able to take items from multiple stores, some modern and others matured, portions expensive or entities economical, and still find a way to make it look completely amazing. I’ve been fortunate enough to see this happen first hand, and it’s cool to see it once it all comes together. If you’re not sure if this is you, chances are that it’s not. But keep working on it and you never know what can happen.

And Reason 2) – I’m not sure if the wardrobe below fits into the above stated category in one way or another. So I bring it to you all since you may be a bit more genteel than me. (And yes I meant genteel and not gentle…) Let me know your thoughts of any and everything by voting or leaving us with a comment. I’m always up for learning something new even if I know my style IQ is up to par with others. But you should never get too comfortable with just being up to par with the standard of anything. Style may not seem like a field where this really matters, but ask any woman or man what they think of different styles of dress, and I’m sure you will learn more than you ever thought about that person’s character.

Hope you learned something new and thanks for reading.

– Supreme Soul

Look-a Here – Style ?uestion

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2 Responses to Look-a Here – Style ?uestion

  1. deltacia9 says:

    I like the whole outfit. It screams look at me, it’s sexy and funky at the same. I love the pops of color in this outfit. Is this outfit for everyone? No. You wear the clothes the clothes don’t wear you so you need that attitude or personality to carry this outfit. In the end she is killin this outfit, she looks great!!

  2. dclay3 says:

    This ensemble is perfect from the quality of her hair extensions to the red purse that accentuates her “red bottoms.” I would definitely wear this outfit. She did a great job.

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