The Waiting Room – Movie Trailer (2012)

So I saw this joint, and thought that since it hits so close to home for the collective here at that it should most definitely be posted. In one way or another, we have all did a rotation requiring us to spend time in one ER or another during our medical school years and during our training/residency. And if you ask any one of us is the issue that’s presented in this film a very realistic one, I’m sure we would all agree in a ‘heartbeat’ (get it?….yeah I know it was lame but I couldn’t resist). I won’t get into my ideas of health care policy or politics regarding health care these days or the budgeting of hospitals because that topic could go on and on for days at a time, and in my opinion, it mostly is a big waste of time. This is because for all the time spent arguing nothing is getting done, people are still sick and dying, and the waiting rooms are still overflowing.

So I will just say that the The Waiting Room gives a glimpse into the lives of those not fortunate enough to have regular access to health care. It goes behind the doors of an American public hospital (based in Oakland, CA) in a 24 hour time frame that’s struggling to care for a community of largely uninsured patients, and offers a raw, intimate, and even uplifting look at how patients, executive staff and caregivers each cope with disease, bureaucracy and hard choices. The documentary has won a several awards at various film festivals, and it’s supposed to be released sometime later this month (September 2012). You can check out the trailer below.

I’m sure if any opinions are shared on this topic in the comments section, there will be a range of opinions voiced, but I will say we all have different opinions for a reason and as long as that reason has some sort of logic behind it then we don’t mind hearing it. In other words, please don’t post a comment based solely off hate or anger for something or one that disrespects someone else’s ideas because you disagree. That is all and thanks for reading.

– Supreme Soul

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3 Responses to The Waiting Room – Movie Trailer (2012)

  1. Tha Doc says:

    Very interesting! Will definitely have to check it out. This can easily be any public hospital in the country and in fact while watching the trailer I can easily see this as the hospital I work at. I hope that the film also touches on the fact that a large majority of uninsured patients use the ER as their means of primary care, which also contributes to the long wait times and excess cost. I honestly think that there should be a centralized healthcare network for the country. That way, no matter where a patient has been treated, all physicians have access to their records to avoid costly mistakes or repetitive testing. The problem is how to implement that, which I don’t have the answer to. Regardless, this should definitely give people a look into the world of uninsured patients and public hospitals.

  2. cthebizzybee says:

    I will definitely be on the lookout for this film. Its message is something that’s near and dear to me as a black female, public health advocate, and aspiring physician who desires to work with underserved populations. So many different aspects of the problem depicted just in the trailer can be explored and I look forward to seeing it unfold. I hope that it provokes others to really research our healthcare policy before refusing to vote for changes that could be beneficial to many Americans.

  3. dclay3 says:

    Wow! I cant wait to see this film. This is something I see on a regular basis and I empathize with the patient because Ive been there with my grandmother as a little girl. Maybe this will be an awakening to the citizens of America that dont see this on a regular basis.

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