Nick “Soul Dream” Hakim

So before I start by showing you a glimpse of who I think will eventually be the next big voice in the neo soul movement, let me give you some background.  Let’s see where to start with this kid?…Ah yes,  so some of you may remember my piece on King, as well as my piece on Jennah Bell and Allen Stone right? Well two of the ladies of King and Ms. Jennah Bell went to this amazing school of music called the Berklee College of Music in Boston, yes Boston (Sorry Doc). Anyway, this school has historically put out some greats like John Mayer and Christian Scott who have definitely reached the top of their game in recent years past. So it should come as no surprise that the future of good music appears to be melodiously beaming out of this school as well, because a few of these kids have REALLY caught my ear, and rightfully so.  The soul group KING and Jennah Bell appear to be garnering the most fame right now and Lawd knows they deserve it, but the class right behind them is super strong, including an AMAZING songstress names Jaime Woods and the soulful cat who this piece highlights, Mr. Nick Hakim.  This fella’s voice is surreal and I have yet to hear a song from him I didn’t have to listen to FiftyLeven (Its a real number says the Cobb County School District) Times!! I am waiting on him to drop an album like Charlie Brown is waiting on Lucy to give him some act right! If you are in the NYC and you want to check this kid out, stay tuned to the Striver’s Row (amazing group of poets and musicians) camp  for upcoming events and you are sure to find him around there somewhere.

Here I have given you three of my favorite pieces, and I consider them each soulful delights! Let me know what you think?

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5 Responses to Nick “Soul Dream” Hakim

  1. Supreme Soul says:

    I really don’t know which would be my favorite. All of them are some extremely soulful joints. I wouldn’t call it neo soul because they are just deep lyrics from the heart that lends back to the old Aretha Franklin and James Brown days. Good music indeed. Hope he keeps doing his thing and goes on to do great things.

    Now what I do know is that you better get your Charlie Brown game up son! Everyone who is down with this Brown knows that Lucy was trying to give them goodies to Schroeder! Now stand back as I do my Snoopy dance! (…Cue the music…) Lol

  2. Tha Doc says:

    This cat is sublimely soulful sir. He definitely has a bright future. And as Soul mentioned, please step your Peanuts knowledge up sir. Lucy was the bully and would always pull the football away from Charlie Brown. She was definitely not trying to give him any act right. Although, mentioning a cartoon 8 year old girl giving ‘act right’ is kinda weird on a ‘soliciting children free candy from a windowless van’ way, but who am I to judge? Lol


  3. Brandon says:

    I’ve never heard of this cat before but I am definitely a fan now though.

  4. politicalK says:

    Loving his sound…..@Supreme Soul: can we please get a video of your Snoopy dance? lol

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