Attention! Attention! Frank Ocean Sighting…

So I must begin with much love to The Audacity of Dope! for introducing me to the music and talents of this cat. I know he’s a die-hard lover of his music much like some of our other readers here at, so I believe y’all will enjoy this. I came across it not too long ago, and since I happen to like most of the new album (Channel ORANGE) it made sense to check out the videos from SNL. Now if you’re like me then you believe that live performances of songs are often much better than studio recordings, and as I sit back to take in the soulful sounds what do I notice stage right of Frank Ocean? Well it would be none other than John Mayer with his famous guitar Quintina! (Yeah I totally made that guitar name up but since I always wanted to give a guitar a sexy name now seemed like as good a time as any). The point is live performance >>>>>>> studio recording already and not one note has even been played!!!

Needless to say the performances were both epic, and I’m sure if you’re a fan of these joints you won’t be disappointed. If you’ve already seen them then you can gaze and be amazed yet again. So sit back, enjoy, and you’re welcome for all this hotness in one post! Thanks for swinging through and be sure to come back and check us out.

– Supreme Soul

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1 Response to Attention! Attention! Frank Ocean Sighting…

  1. politicalK says:

    Awesome performances! I definitely would have missed John Mayer if you didn’t point him out. I would have just thought he was just some random guitarist.

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