Chaos on Bullsh!t Mountain

For those who haven’t seen it, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show hilariously and truthfully calls bullsh!t on Mitt Romney and Fox News…again. SMH, why do people honestly consider voting for this guy? Excuse the poor quality, if a better quality version appears on ‘Teh Internetz’ I’ll update it. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Chaos on Bullsh!t Mountain

  1. Supreme Soul says:

    Regardless if it’s an election year or not, I just can’t watch fox news. It is so biased and misinforming that it baffles me that people actually believe the stuff they say. Literally was just talking about this today with several other people (doctor, pharmacist, lawyer, and PhD candidate) and we all agreed that their utter ridiculousness needs to just plain stop. I usually roll with CNN. Although they are not perfect with their reporting, they still are 7.56 million (video reference from above) times better than fox news.

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