Elle Varner – I Don’t Care (Official Video)

So if you’re anything like me, that would mean you don’t have all that much time to sit in front of the TV and watch music videos all day. But if you are like me you would want to take a minute to stop what you’re doing and view this video by the up and coming soulful songstress Elle Varner. Her debut album (Perfectly Imperfect) is a classic, and you’ll definitely hear more from me about it at a later date. But for now I will say that this has to be my favorite track off of it. (Shot out to Political K for introducing me to it).

It is entitled “I Don’t Care”, and it is pure soul at it’s best. I feel the passion she has for whomever she’s singing to every time I’ve heard it and still leaves me with an amazing feeling after each listen. The video definitely adds an interesting twist to the song by touching on the too often taboo topics of interracial dating and gay couples. Being that neither bothers me, I didn’t really see what the big issue was, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in this world is on that same wavelength. If you’re in the latter grouping I’ll simply say this.

Hate gets you nowhere in life or in the afterlife, and it definitely doesn’t pay the bills so why waste time doing it.

Regardless of all that, I hope the song gives you good vibes and as always thanks for reading.

– Supreme Soul

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1 Response to Elle Varner – I Don’t Care (Official Video)

  1. politicalK says:

    I probably wouldn’t have watched this if you hadn’t posted it, so thanks. I was not expecting this video for this song, but it makes sense *thinking outside the box*

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